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Services offered by METEX Consulting
  • Welding Engineering for recognized codes and standards including CSA, AWS, ASME
  • Welding engineer for Certification W47.1(Steel), W47.2 (aluminum) et W186 (Rebar) with the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) in division 2.
  • Structural design and shop drawing services
1. Welding Engineering
  • CWB/CSA W47.1, W47.2, W186 STEEL & ALUMINUM.
    • Welding procedure specification (WPS) and welding procedure data sheets (WPDS) required under CSA W47.1 for mild steels or W47.2 for aluminum and W186 (rebar).
    • Engineer’s report required by the CSA with a vision with process optimization.
    • Technical support or telephone consultations in welding engineering, including:
      • Review of procedures with welders, supervisors and managers of manufacturing.
      • Welded joints or other structural steel connections.
      • Practice and fabrication method: preheat, selection process for welding, cutting, steel preparation, assembly method, deformations controls and stresses due to shrinkage, termination and weld quality.
      • CWB forms and certification guidance.
      • Preparation of welders and supervisor qualification
2. Procedures under other standards, AWS and ASME.

We have the expertise to produce procedures according to the requirements of your industry. We will inform you about the procedures to be followed as well as the inherent costs in these welding procedures. You will have a quick overview of industry demands. If we are not able to offer you the service required to meet your needs, we will put you in touch with partners who will have the necessary expertise. Our vast network of Canadian contacts will certainly meet the most demanding requests.

3. Welding training, optimization in welding and technical services.

Whether for personalized factory coaching, site expertise, equipment purchases and welding equipment, we have a team that will help you and provide you with information on several levels. All the services mentioned above are exclusive to our customers.

4. Design services and shop drawing for steel structure

Exclusive for our customers, we offer the service of structural design, engineering drawings and shop drawings on different software. Upon receipt of the project, you will have an overview of the costs and deadlines for the design of your drawings.